Path to Great Lakes Pt. 1, Meeting My Recruiter

Meeting the Recruiter

I was so excited and nervous to meet a Navy recruiter that I started Googling “what to wear to meet your recruiter”, well let me tell you that search criteria matters! I got myself all worked up because Google kept telling me I needed to wear a suit and show up with my cover letter, resume, and references…


After I let my dad calm me down I realized that there are also BUSINESS recruiters and that I should just wear jeans and a shirt.

I showed up 30 minutes before our appointment; Petty Officer C. was ready for me and impressed with my ability to be early. My dad came with to help me soak up as much information as possible, which I HIGHLY recommend. Keep in mind with this though, (unless you are under 18) you are a grown adult who is making a VERY adult decision and bringing someone with you should not interfere with your meeting and you should answer all of the questions for yourself.

I took the practice ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) a fancy term for an all-inclusive test to make sure you know how to read and do basic math. To do really well, having some mechanical, electrical and computer knowledge will help. After I took that test, achieving a 45 out of 99 we talked about what I wanted my rate to be. Rate is what the Navy calls their jobs, other branches call this an MOS. I was very interested in being an LS or Logistics Specialist so we discussed my options with that and the scores I would need on the ASVAB.

My head swirling with new information and the thought that I needed to make a hard decision, I left the office and drove back to my college town which was about three hours away. I talked it over with my roommate and called my mom. It only took me a couple of days to know what I had to do, so I called Petty Officer C. and made another appointment to start the paperwork.

I was excited to start my journey and ready for the hard work ahead.

Part 2 will be available March 1, 2019

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