Military Readiness Workout

Hello Friends!

Thank you for checking out my military readiness workout. Whether you came here from my blog post about my journey to joining the Navy or found this through a search engine this is sure to be a great way to get fit!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor have I attended schooling to do any sort of physical fitness consulting. This is purely from my own experience and it should be known that each individual has there own limits and abilities. This workout should be done at the readers’ discretion. 

Running and situps at home were just not enough to lose the weight I needed to. I needed to drop weight around my waist, and I had never had that as a goal before. I had no idea where to even start! The first thing my recruiter told me was that running wasn’t going to help me right now.


So we got off the track and headed to the weight room. We used three pieces of equipment: the elliptical, the stair stepper, and the treadmill. Now, don’t stop reading because of the equipment. I hated all of those things before I knew what I know now!

Attire: Petty Officer C. recommended that I wear sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt. I don’t know about anyone else but my goal for workout attire had always been cool clothes so I don’t overheat. I will also be the first to admit that this made me think about how I had tried my best in the past to work out but not sweat. 

What were you thinking Jade?

Sweat is how our body knows to grab those extra energy stores (ie carbs, fat, and sugars) and burn them. Which, in the end, is the goal.

Wearing warm clothes will make you sweat, which also means you NEED TO HYDRATE! Bring water with you, a bottle, don’t rely on the fountains. Drink water BEFORE your workout, and I would always end with finishing whatever was left and drinking a pint of chocolate milk (this has fats and proteins to help replenish your energy and build muscle).

Finally what you came here for: The Plan!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Warm Up: 10 minutes

We always started with the elliptical. It’ slow impact, but with different resistance and grade settings can be adjusted to each individual and each workout. We would always aim to go a little further than the day before, this helped it not become something to slack off on or feel like a waste.

Main Event: 20 minutes

The stair stepper. Before this, I had, admittedly, been TERRIFIED of a stair stepper. I wasn’t partial to treadmills either, because I had seen a friend (yes, she was being stupid) break her wrist by getting it sucked under and into the mechanism. Well, if you’re an adult who knows how to properly use these machines that operate in a circular motion, that won’t happen.

Play around with the speed of the steps, sometimes slow can be harder than fast and vice versa. We set a goal for the number of steps to complete within the 20 minutes and gradually increased it to reach an end goal for the two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, I had surpassed our original goal and was ready to run a mile and a half without even stepping foot on the track or even running on the treadmill.

Warm Down: 10 minutes

I don’t like to call this step “cool down” because, again, it can lead to laziness or having it feel like a waste. You should still be warm when you leave the gym, but you shouldn’t be completely out of breath or unable to walk. We would spend 10 minutes gradually slowing down the treadmill speed to get the lactic acid moving through our muscles and to stop it from staying put. We would also talk, this was important because we could judge how efficiently we were recovering from our workout and if we needed to slow down or speed up based on how our breath was.

Because I was trying to lose weight quickly and I had the time, I was doing this same thing twice a day. After my evening circuit, I would spend some time stretching and making sure my muscles were staying happy with me.


I follow a similar pattern day to day still, but I only go once a day (if that, let’s be honest) and I add in weight lifting. It is important for me and my goals to have strong muscles and keep healthy knees so I have some very specific and some prescribed activities.


Xoxo, Jade


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