Personal Brand Photography

Your brand is YOUnique! Show off your personality through a Personal Branding Session with JFP and you will never look back.

How often are you scrambling to find photos for Instagram or Facebook to keep your feed current? It’s probably too often!

The experience:

  • 2-hour session built around storylines
  • 3 outfits changes to go along with the storylines
  • 1-2 locations
  • A full online gallery of 60-90 pictures
  • I do NOT require you to use my logo or tag/mention me when using my photos. This is about your brand after all and not mine!
  • I give you full license to crop/edit/print any and all photos I provide. The one stipulation is that I get to do the same thing!
  • I offer RAW, full sized, Instagram, Facebook and any combination of sizes, or a guide on how to best use the images

The Investment:

Investment for Branding Sessions begins at $700 per session and it is recommended to plan for quarterly sessions to keep your photos fresh!

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