Puff Stitch Face Scrubbie

Hello Hello!

This pattern creates a scrubbie that I literally use every day. I make my own Mostly Homemade Face Wash which you can find Here and these are the PERFECT solution to my delivery method problem.

It whips up in about 5 minutes and I make sets of seven so it’s staggered when I have to make new face wash.

Happy Crocheting!


Yarn: I have been a huge fan of I Love This Cotton (or Yarn) from Hobby Lobby lately. This pattern works best with Cotton because it is thinner and super soft! The pictures are shown in Limedot.

Hook: I used a G/7-4.5MM Hook

Gauge: Doesn’t really matter for this pattern however if you are making more than one you will want them to look equal in size.

Sl st- slip stitch
Ch- chain
YO- yarn over

Row 1: Chain 3 sl st into 3rd ch from hook to create a circle (you could potentially use a magic circle here but I am not a big fan)

Row 2: YO and insert hook into center of the circle and make 6 puff stitches (Puff stitch: YO, insert hook into stitch, pull strand through, do the same 3 more times then pull your yarn through all 6 loops on the hook, close the puff with a chain)

Row 3: In the space between each puff stitch create 2 more puff stitches for a total of 12 there is no need for a ch to start the new row

To finish- leave a short tail (4 inches) and pull tail through the last stitch. Weave in ends

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