Minnesota Elopements

When you want your special day to be just about you (and maybe a few loved ones) you do an elopement! Choose your own adventure with any location in Minnesota included at no charge! Travel is my adventure so if you want to go out into the world I will be the best third wheel ever!

Coverage starts at 2-hours and can increase to fit your needs!

I generally deliver 25-35 photos per hour of shooting and will deliver retouched photos through an online gallery with a print release. I also have printing options through my Shootproof website!

Each elopement is YOUnique so please contact me for planning a pricing information!

*Add on an engagement session for a reduced session fee!

Candid Lifestyle/Family

Your family is SO special and here at Jade Florence Photography you are more than just a number. Let me help you capture the most precious moments.

Your Experience:

You choose where we take pictures! In your home, at your favorite local park or we can find something together to best serve your family.

Invest with $300 for 2-8 people (pets welcome, and they don’t “count” in your person count). In 60-90 minutes we will capture 25-35 photos worthy of hanging on your walls. Do you have a concept in mind? Let us make it work!

Add more people for $25 each and another location for $50.

Photos will be delivered through an online gallery and you will receive a photo release letting you download and print as you please! I also have an online store where you can purchase prints though me.

Senior Experience

You are more than just a number and every Senior, with their unique personality deserves a YOUnique session to show off your personality!

I offer two main types of sessions, but I am always willing to work something out that will be best for both of us!

Your Day:
You get to choose two locations within 50 miles of Minneapolis, MN (if you want to go further just ask! We can work something out). We can turn on some music or spend the whole time talking about you! 60-90 minutes of shooting time will give you 25-35 retouched photos that you can treasure forever. Invest $300 and get an online gallery with print release. You can also choose to print through me on Shootproof!

The most fun and value for your money!
Three mini-sessions spread throughout the year will give you an array of styles and outfits to commemorate your Senior Year!
The first session should be scheduled the summer before Senior Year so we can get your favorite into the yearbook on time.
After that it’s up to you! Do you want to be seen in an apple orchard? Do an ice skating shoot? A BFF shoot wearing the your future school colors? The options stop at your imagination.
Invest $350 in three mini-sessions and get three 30-minute sessions at any locations within 50 miles of Minneapolis, MN (if you want to go further just ask! We can work something out). You will get 10-15 photos from each session on an online gallery with print release. You can also choose to print through me on Shootproof!

Add more minis for $50 a piece!

Personal Brand Photography

Your brand is YOUnique! Show off your personality through a Personal Branding Session with JFP and you will never look back.

How often are you scrambling to find photos for Instagram or Facebook to keep your feed current? It’s probably too often!

The experience:

  • 2-hour session built around storylines
  • 3 outfits changes to go along with the storylines
  • 1-2 locations
  • A full online gallery of 60-90 pictures
  • I do NOT require you to use my logo or tag/mention me when using my photos. This is about your brand after all and not mine!
  • I give you full license to crop/edit/print any and all photos I provide. The one stipulation is that I get to do the same thing!
  • I offer RAW, full sized, Instagram, Facebook and any combination of sizes, or a guide on how to best use the images

The Investment:

Investment for Branding Sessions begins at $700 per session and it is recommended to plan for quarterly sessions to keep your photos fresh!

Mackie Noel 5-24-19

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

This was my first photo shoot with a real model! And honestly with a person for the express intent of taking photos and strengthening both of our portfolios!

Mackie Noel was so fun to work with, and I hope her vibrance and energy are visible through these photos! We spent her session talking about the play she is in and her favorite books. Playing her viola also gave us some AMAZING facial expressions and body language. I can not wait to work with you again!

Why I don’t want kids…

I can just feel the emails filled with sympathy and kind but persuasive words already.

Some of them won’t be so kind.

“How does your husband feel about that?”

“You’re going to miss out on all the fun!”

“You’ll change your mind, just give it time”

“You’ll get bored”

Well, first of all, I do NOT need a husband to make this choice. I don’t have a husband (and GASP, my boyfriend and I might not get married. But that’s is a post for another time) but even if I did, I, as a tax paying woman with her own rights, have the right to make the independent decision to have children or not. If the man I ended up with decided he wanted children, and it’s an absolute dealbreaker, he can leave.

Now that I have that out of the way there are a few actual reasons that I don’t want to have kids.

I’ve watched people parent. I mean, I literally grew up watching people parent. I don’t like it. I don’t like, in this day and age that there is an expectation of perfection of every aspect of your life EVEN BETWEEN PARENTS WHO KNOW IT ISN’T POSSIBLE OR HEALTHY.

I coached preschool gymnastics for a little over a year, and I witnessed so many different styles of parenting. As the first child in a family got younger, the parents were more and more focused on their Instagram image and how much time they can spend with their friends while their child sits on a tablet watching shows.

I’ve been sold the idea, literally since I can remember that I will be a great mother. I spent countless play hours holding my countless baby dolls, giving them names and watching them grow up to be doctors and teachers and astronauts. I gave myself fake baby bellies and went through fake labor more times than I can count.

When I was 9 I got a job as a mother’s helper. That’s when you’re not even old enough to be at home by yourself, so you play with the younger kids while the parents are at home to let them do other things.

When I was 11 I took the YMCA’s Safe Sitter course. I already knew how to change diapers, and call 911 so the class was a breeze. I don’t even remember my first babysitting job, but I started taking care of other people’s’ kids as soon as they would let me.

At 16 I took my lifeguarding certification to add another layer of care to myself. At this point I knew my life’s purpose was to help people.

After some major life changes, I finally ended up combining my love of gymnastics and kids at the age of 22. Within a year I was the Assistant Director of the preschool program, and within 5 months of holding that position I was burnt out.

Don’t get me wrong I still love kids. I smile and wave at the babies at the grocery stores, and am hoping to coach again some day on a minor scale. But I can’t have kids.

It’s easier to tell people that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and literally can’t have kids. It is definitely possible that I could have kids, but most people don’t know that and even without explaining why I DON’T want them, I still get bombarded with “you can adopt” “what about foster care”?

Long story short, I’m 23 years old and completely burnt out on taking care of other people. I’m going to take care of myself and my relationship and live the life I have neglected. Maybe someday I will change my mind, but if I do it will be on my own terms and not because some entitled mom with a baby on her hip told me for the one thousandth time that it’s a woman’s duty to continue on her husbands genetics.