Portfolio-Jade Florence Photography

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Mackie Noel

This was my very first photoshoot with my very first model @mackie_noel! It was also my very first business name and logo and I learned a lot about editing and why shot composition is SO important.
It was so fun working with her viola as a prop, this girl was born to be on stage!

Sophia’s Senior Experience

There was no way I could turn this shoot down! Sophia is an absolute gem and was so ready for adventure the entire time we were out shooting. I mean glitter, smoke bombs, and plopping a chair in a river!!
I also may or may not be kind of related to her and a little biased. Oh well!

Vashti Goracke- Personal Brand Photography

Vashti is primarily a dancer and actress but who wouldn’t call her a model too after one look at these photos!
Personal Brand Photography is meant to be a collaborative investment where the person in need of pictures (usually a business owner, blogger, or talent like Vashti, but the possibilities are endless!) and the photographer work together to get a clear vision of how the talent wants to be portrayed through their media and make it a reality!

Let’s build something together.